The Association for Institutional Thought

2020-21 Call for Nominations and Deadlines for Elections

Current Board members for 2018-19:


Reynold Nesiba

Vice President

Eric Dean


Richard Wagner


Flavia Dantes

Board Member

Avi Baranes

Board Member

Barbara Hopkins

Board Member

Erik Dean

Board Member

Kalpana Khanal

Grad Student Rep

Jordan Shipley

Nominating committee for this year's elections:

Kalpana Khanal ( )
Yan Liang ( )
Nicola Mathews ( )

Nominations for 2020-21 are in order for TWO positions:

Vice President (typically nominated by current President)
Graduate Student Representative (pleases submit nominations)


October 2:  nominations open.
October 25:  nominations close.
October 26-30:   nominating committee selects nominees for each position and forwards names, along with vita and a brief biography of each candidate, to the Board.
October 30:   the Board votes to approve or disapprove the list of candidates. The approved list is forwarded to the Secretary who then informs the membership of the candidates and attaches their respective biographical sketches.
November 1:  ballots are e-mailed out.
November 25:  ballots must be received by this date.  On this date, the election is deemed closed.

Please send all nominations to any of the nominating committee members by October 25. In nominating a candidate for office, please first contact that nominee and seek her or his approval in said nomination. The committee must be assured that a prospective candidate has agreed to be nominated.

If you have any questions about nominations or the nomination process, please feel free to contact me at  If you would like any information, such as the AFIT Constitution or a record of AFIT officer history, please visit our website: