The Association for Institutional Thought

Reynold Nesba, president of the Association for Institutional Thought, appointed Nicola Matthews, Kalpana Khanal, and Yan Liang to the nominating committee. The committee offered the following slate of candidates for election to AFIT offices for 2020-21 (the terms of office begin after the 2020 annual meeting.) Brief biographies of the candidates are included with this ballot.

Voting closes January 6th 2020 at 5pm Pacific time.

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  Barbara Hopkins
  (Write-in Candidate)

Board Members (select 1):

  Nicola Matthews
  (Write-in Candidate)

Grad Student Board Member (select 1):

  Ushah Pradhan
  Matt Rice
  Jacob Tucker
  Robert M. Johnson Jr
  (Write-in Candidate)
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